How are you going to find a job in this new marketplace? What are you going to do to survive in this new economic order? While I do not have the complete answers to these questions, I would like to provide you with a primer on how to build, enhance, and protect your career. This primer is the product of what I learned in 2009 and what has been shared with hundreds of individuals on a one-on-one basis since then. As Keith Ferrazzi writes: “Our careers aren’t paths so much as landscapes that need to be navigated.” This primer is for those in transition and for those currently employed. It is not intended to be an exhaustive career development guide. Rather, it is an attempt to provide you with a clear, concise plan of action that will increase the likelihood of greater success in your career.

This plan of action – characterizing, connecting, and communicating – is not the best plan. It is not the only plan. It is just a proven plan. It involves a significant amount of work. Just as gardening requires you to sow, water, fertilize, weed, and harvest – your career enrichment strategy requires that you plan, feed, tend, and reap the benefits of your job efforts. This primer is not a guarantee. It merely sets forth a set of wise principles that, more often than not, yield success.

“The Three C’s — A Career Enrichment Primer on Characterizing, Connecting, and Communicating is available at or at your favorite book store web site.