Biblical Theology — 1

Biblical Theology — 1
The Pattern of the Kingdom

Genesis 1-2
Genesis 1-2, show us God’s original, perfect creation. Notice four important truths about creation:

1. God is the Author of Creation
• God alone is eternal. He created.
• God created out of nothing (Hebrew — bara)
• The trinity was involved in creation — Father (Gen. 1:1), Spirit (Gen. 1:2), and Son (John 1:3)
• God is pleased with what He made (e.g., Gen. 1:10)

2. God is the King of Creation
• As creator of all, God is Lord of all (Ps. 95:3-7)
• God is transcendent. That is, He is above and beyond all that He has made and is distinct from it. That is why the Bible abhors idolatry (Ex. 20:4-6).

3. Human Beings are the Pinnacle of Creation
Man is a unique creature. He is made “like” God. We reflect something of God’s nature in a way that nothing else in creation does. We are tasked to be His vice-regents over creation.

4. Rest is the Goal of Creation
On the seventh day, God rested from His work of creating. When a job has been done perfectly, there is nothing more to do. And He wants human beings to live with Him in that rest, enjoying His perfect creation.

The Kingdom of God
We see in the garden of Eden, at the end of Genesis 2, a pattern of the kingdom of God.
• God’s people — Adam and Eve
• Live in God’s place — the Garden of Eden
• Under God’s rule — His Word
• Enjoying God’s blessing — His rest

Biblical Theology Diagrams

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