1 Samuel 17:40-54

David Meets Goliath’s Challenge (17:40-54) The writer now begins his third cycle of confrontation-challenge-consternation in verse 40. Confrontation: David and Goliath Face Each Other (vv. 40-41) Goliath is arrogant, proud, and blasphemous. He challenges the Israelites to send him their best warrior, and the winner takes all. Can you imagine the shock to Goliath and […]

1 Samuel 17:12-39

David Witnesses Goliath’s Challenge (1 Samuel 17:12-39)   Goliath challenges Israel. In this passage, David witnesses this challenge and the writer begins his second cycle of confrontation-challenge-consternation.   Confrontation: Philistines and Israelites Face Each Other (vv. 12-22) Goliath, the Philistine champion, is described in verses 4-11 in terms of his towering physical stature and his […]