Two Dozen Basic Management Principles — Conclusion



Since his Olympic success in 2008, Lopez Lomong has partnered with World Vision to offer care, support, and a better future to families in South Sudan recovering from a legacy of warfare.

Through the 4 South Sudan project, The Lopez Lomong Foundation and World Vision are bringing hope to families who face the realities of poverty and the lingering impact of daily violence. By providing access to clean water, health care, education, and nutrition they are providing a brighter future for the South Sudanese.

You can go to to learn more and find information about how you can be involved with this great organization.

Management Lesson #24 – Give Back

It is easy to focus on yourself. The fact of the matter is that giving to others provides much greater satisfaction and yields much greater happiness. Choose to place others ahead of yourself by giving back to your country, your state, your community, or your church.

Lopez has also continued his professional running career. In the 2012 London Olympics, Lopez made the finals in the 5000 meters and finished fifth. He is now training for the 2016 Rio Olympics as we speak.

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